PLASTICIZER SV-500 For Gypsum Plaster Powder 500g

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Description of SV-500 additive:

The additive is designed to dramatically improve the basic properties of gypsum binders:

— increases strength by 8-10 times;

— increases ductility, making the mixture-cast;

— improves the quality of the surface, removing the pores;

— slightly slows down the setting time of the water-gypsum mixture.

1. Dosing.

The optimal dosage of the SV-500 additive is 1-5% of the mass of gypsum, and the more additives are added, the higher the strength of the products.

At a dosage of 5%, the maximum effect is achieved, after which its excess does not add, but on the contrary, reduces the achieved strength gain.

The necessary dosage is selected by the consumer independently empirically, based on the required strength. Components should be dosed by weight, volume dosing is not recommended due to low accuracy, which can reduce the effect of the additive to a minimum.

2. Dry mixing of the additive and gypsum.

Due to the small amount of the additive, it is difficult to distribute it evenly over the entire volume of the mixture with the inclusion of all zones, so it is advisable to mix the overdosed additives and gypsum first in dry form.

3. Mixing with water and preparing the mixture.

SV-500 additive has a strong plasticizing effect, which should be taken into account when selecting the amount of water: the more additives, the less water is required.

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Ask us if you need 20kg and more we will find courier company to get low price to delivery

Ask us if you need 20kg and more we will find courier company to get low price to delivery

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