Flowers Beaded Orchid "Azure"

Price: € 120.00
Shipping From: Russian Federation, Stavropol Krai, Petrovsky area, Mr. Svetlograd
Handling Time: 1-2 weeks
Shipping Cost: 0.00 + € 0.00 for every next item
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The beauty an orchid - a rare and whimsical plant.

But if she from beads, then her beauty is eternal.

Let this work will become decoration of your interior or a gift to dear person.

It will be possible at your work other, even more beautiful pot. The range of pots constantly is replenished and seldom repeats.

transfer isn't included in working costs. The product is sent in company packing by Russian Post.

Pleasant purchases.

• Delivery (Svetlograd) Courier Pickup free home 150 rubles

• Delivery (Russia) The postal service 600 rubles / 300 rubles

• Delivery (Other countries) postal service 4000 rubles / 3000 rubles

Russian language

• Доставка (Светлоград) Самовывоз бесплатно

Курьер до дома 150 руб

• Доставка (Россия) Почтовая служба 600 руб / +300 руб

• Доставка (Другие страны) Почтовая служба 4000 руб / +3000 руб

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