Eve. The Circles of Life.

Price: € 150.00
Shipping From: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Handling Time: 2-3 weeks
Shipping Cost: 1.00 + € 1.00 for every next item

I'm truly inspired by reading the Bible. So, this art work is dedicated to Eve, Adam's wife, the first woman. Note that the piece is full of symbolism, mysticism and secrets. The painting is a fine decorative element that will perfectly fit in into the interior of your hall or room.

Idea and realization by: Tokarev Evgeny Aleksandrovich;

Quality: high-quality;

Materials: acrylic, canvas;

Sizes: 60 x 80 cm;

Year of creation: 2016;

Shipment: to be shipped in pack, all over the world, by courier, free shipping;

Delivery: within 2-3 weeks;

Contacts: e-mail: tealeo@mail.ru, mobile number: +7 902 87 80 725.