Girl with the name Kore Earrings

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"Girl with the name Kore" are richly ornamented earrings with Swarovski crystals in a unique setting. The beautiful pink colour of crystals represents the youth and light-heartedness of Kore. And the darkness of the oxidized silver ornamentation reminds one of the fate which is awaiting Kore in Hades.

These earrings are reversible thus providing two “separate” pair of earrings. One side reveals silver earrings with Swarovski crystals while the opposite side has a richly ornamented design without crystals.

Kore is a beautiful daughter of Demeter - goddess of the harvest. Her happy childhood and youth ended, when the earth opened and Hades appeared. The king of the Underworld kidnapped Kore to his kingdom and made her queen of the Land of the Dead. Kore could rejoin her mother, but only for a few months every year. Each Fall she had to return to the Underworld and resume her role as the wife of Hades.

There is a Kore in you:

- your inner child who has fears, desires, fantasies and dreams;

- a very young and light-hearted girl who adores to laugh and to dance in the bright sunlight, full of joy and happiness;

- a part of you which is like pure, pink crystal – Demeter’s daughter, an innocent, defenceless child craving mother’s love.

Embrace this inner child in you, try to understand her. Love your Self.


Length: 4,4 cm

Materials utilised

sterling silver 925, Swarovski crystals.