Gaia's Secret Power Pendant

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"Gaia's Secret Power" is a pendant made from the real fronds of a fern dipped in pure silver 1000.

A fern is a plant which contains a secret power in itself: a deep wisdom of Gaia - Mother Nature which equipped this plant with everything needed for survival, growth and a beautiful bloom. The same as a fern - every woman can miraculously grow and bloom, if she only turns to her inner light and tries to discover the entire wealth of her being.

The gleaming, precious metal - silver - symbolizes the secret power which every woman has in herself. Fronds of the fern in full bloom symbolize the fullness which can be achieved by a woman who draws from the natural source of her inner power.

Every fern pendant is different and unique because no two fronds are the same in nature.

Goddess Gaia symbolizes a woman who discovers the secret power in herself - the natural source of her inner wisdom and strength.

Gaia is a symbol of a woman who - the same as a fern which is an excellent creation of Mother Nature - has everything which is needed in herself for creating a happy, fulfilled life.


Length: 6,5 cm

Materials utilised

real fern, pure silver 1000