Glow in the dark heart keychain

Price: € 6.36
Shipping From: U.S.A.
Handling Time: 1-3 business days
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This is a homemade red heart attached to a key chain. The heart glows in the dark. The heart `measures about 1.5 inches long at it's widest point(not including the chain). The second photo shows the heart in the dark after exposure to sunlight, Incandescent light, or fluorescent light for at least 20 minutes. The heart will also charge after being exposed to UV(ultraviolet) light. Under UV light, it only takes 10-15 seconds to charge the heart enough for it to glow for 7-8 hours. I will include 1 mini UV light with each key chain(see 3rd photo). The UV light not only allows you to quickly charge the heart at a moments notice, but the skull glows much more intense with exposure to UV light. The heart will glow for several hours after proper charging, and can be charged hundreds of times. The time it takes me to ship an order from purchase will usually be only a couple of days, unless I am backed up with orders, in which case I will alert you.