how to make a bag from old jeans.jpg
22.09.2016. 16:59
I show you how an easy to make something interesting from Old Jeans. Today it`s will be Amazing Bag. Ofcourse I'm not original with this project. You can find a lot of DIY of this kind of bags everywhere on the web.
My DIY We make a gift for a sister.jpg
12.09.2016. 17:10
My sister arrived as a guest for me, and I decided to do a souvenir for her. As the saying goes, from that was near at handa bit fantasy. And that turned out beautifully.:)
28.05.2016. 11:48
Somewhere I saw a similar owl a long time ago and wanted to do it. When I began the work, understood that it is simple in execution. When an owl was ready, I was very content with a result. And understood that with this work a even child can manage. I wanted to do a diy.
09.04.2016. 16:48
I like an element creation of that we will take up in this masterclass, and as you will want to apply it, depends only on your fantasy, it can be a brooch, decoration for hair, rim, maybe even ring, I used him for creation of a necklace.
17.03.2016. 17:13
I want to bring to your attention my first master class, I have tried to make him rather detailed that he was useful to those who only begin to master this interesting type of creativity.
16.02.2016. 17:30
If you have a tutorial / DIY that you would like featured on Estrina, please send me a quality JPEG image of your finished project and a link to your tutorial and I will gladly post!
24.12.2015. 12:33
Christmas just won’t be complete without this fabulous Snowman and the best part, this one won’t melt! This cutie is made out of plastic cups and he will be a welcome sight at your festivities! Be sure to scroll our page and check out the fabulous Plastic Cup Sparkle Balls and the Chicken Wire Christmas Light Balls too.
20.12.2015. 04:00
The kids make me a new ornament to put on my tree every single Christmas. We’ve done this since they were old enough to craft. I have some amazing keepsakes because of this and I look forward to this little craft we do together every single Winter. This year I went with a more woodland theme in my Christmas decorations, so it was an obvious choice to make some owl ornaments for the tree. These were really fun to make and the kids had a lot of fun.
19.12.2015. 10:24
Soon the New Year, so I offer you another option of manufacturing beautiful snowflakes. The site is similar, yet different from mine
01.12.2015. 07:15
Light up your yard with these stunning Christmas Light Balls that you can make yourself out of Chicken Wire! You’ll be surprised at how easy this is and they will certainly be the talk of your neighbourhood. Be sure to check out the Giant Christmas Bauble Ornaments too that will look amazing decorating your home and are so easy to make.