1. Do I need to use Paypal to sell?

Yes, you do. The simplest means to manage multiple buyers and sellers in an online environment is, we believe, through Paypal. 
2. Any Fees?
- No listing fees, 
- No limited quantity,
- No interest,
- No monthly fees,
- No other hidden fees.
3. I`m not familiar with Paypal, how does it work?

It is a safe and easy way to pay for items on the internet. Whether you're a buyer and don't always want to have to search for your wallet and credit card or are a seller and need to manage your transactions, it keeps everything in one place for you.

4. What confirmation email? I don`t see it
There are a few scenarios here:

1. You need to give it a bit more time to travel through the world wide web.
2. Your email provider doesn’t understand how much you love Estrina and marked us a spam (be sure to let them know we are definitely NOT spam so future emails from us don’t go there)
3. You accidently bought an extra vowel when entering your email and now the email has gone to the wrong address. If you think this is the case, please email support@estrina.com
 5. I`m from Puerto Rico. We sell in USA currency. How can I sell in Euros?
No problem. Paypal offers two ways to convert currency when you purchase from a seller who uses a different currency than yours:
  • The paypal currency conversion process
  • The MasterCard and Visa currency conversion process 

If you have additional questions that are not answered here please contact us at support@estrina.com