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30.01.2016. 18:00
Certainly many masters aspire to finally go away from unloved work and to begin to work on itself, being occupied by favorite hobbies.
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26.01.2016. 23:00
Unhappy we are, handmaders, diving into work, sometimes we forget about everything, including our health and remember about it, when it is already late.
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15.01.2016. 21:20
As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches you can hear the hearts start to beat faster. Unfortunately, it is not love that is causing them to go pitter patter but the stress of worrying about choosing a unique Valentine’s Day gift for him.
30.12.2015. 20:27
Choosing unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her will ensure your spot in her heart forever, now you just have to figure out what unique gifts you should choose.
26.12.2015. 00:00
This Night Before Christmas Box is a wonderful tradition to start with your family this Christmas! Fill it with new pyjamas, hot cocoa, popcorn, a Christmas book or a movie. The kids will love this idea and it’s a great way to get into the spirit. Some families choose to use this night to allow the kids to pick out one gift and unwrap it. The night before Christmas Box takes it’s place. Tutorial via ‘Oh My Creative’
21.12.2015. 17:53
Close your eyes and imagine your favorite Christmas movie or holiday painting…does the image you see involve snow? Whether falling softly in front of the window, creating a shimmering blanket across the yard or coating everything from the roof to the branches of trees, snowflakes are a magical and integral part of Christmas memories, even if you’ve never seen the real thing! No matter where you live you can enhance your natural winter white surroundings or paint a snow filled picture across your home and yard this holiday season with lighted snowflake decorations!
20.12.2015. 06:25
Planning your outdoor Christmas decorations is an integral part of creating a holiday light show, and the earlier you begin, the better. Holiday light shows can take time to plan and perfect, so begin planning your design early and take advantage of Christmas sales.
04.12.2015. 05:15
Always, one of the highlights of the party is the table. I LOVE to plan and set the table. I've had this idea in my mind for quite awhile and so when it finally came time to put it together, I couldn't wait. In fact I set the table a week before the party. With a few minor adjustments, it came out just like I had planned. - See more at:
01.12.2015. 06:10
Look! A tiny reindeer made from wine corks and twigs for your Holiday decor!
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17.11.2015. 04:10
As crafters, we often talk about a hand-crafted Christmas. How much stamping do you do for the holidays? Do you mail hand-stamped cards, make gift packaging, tags, handmade gifts? Or do you stamp year-round, but not so much for Christmas? Please show us some handmade tags and share a tip or two on how to keep stamping fun for the holidays.