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30.04.2016. 14:32
Many of us live in cities, many do not see how nature changes during throughout the year. It is very sadly, as a human in our days is very torn off from nature, from the smooth annual and daily changing of temperature, situation, and surroundings.
21.04.2016. 20:42
Mother's Day is one of the most important holidays. Still would, because it is dedicated to our mums! And they are the most favourite and the closest people on the planet.
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19.04.2016. 16:00
9 natural aromas, unexpectedly changing the emotions of human
16.04.2016. 17:23
There are many reasons why we give presents to our closest ones. On birthdays, special days like anniversaries and meaningful holidays. In any case, it is always a real pleasure to receive gifts - with or without any reason.
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20.03.2016. 17:41
If you are crazy about handicrafts, love to create something totally unique and unusual, or you are able to see the beauty and use it in your work – congratulations! You are a real handmade expert!
16.03.2016. 10:26
Hi! A long time ago I promised to show how my workplace looks. The other day my husband and I had a thought up and had established a support for tapes. Of course, it is possible to improve indefinitely, but for me it is already convenient and comfortable to work here, and this is important.
13.03.2016. 09:00
Which holiday can be celebrated without treats, festive dishes and gifts? Probably none of them should be reveled without any make readies. It is better to prepare everything for each solemn event in advance to enjoy it to the fullest. Festive mood is an integral part of any holiday, and St. Patrick's Day is not an exception.
06.03.2016. 18:44
One of the main things in life is the attention to people we are close to. When we want to give them our love, care and a warm attitude, it always strikes a deep chord in their hearts. It is perfect if you give presents to people you are related to even without any reason. And it is especially nice when you give them handmade gifts to make them feel special.
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29.02.2016. 14:41
I would like to talk about Handmade. What is it? What you pay for? And why? I divided into four groups. I would like to say that I working in the first three and actively try to finally the fourth. And each group has a right to exist, to fulfill its purpose and includes sometimes very beautiful work.
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28.02.2016. 14:25
Many handmaders dream about leaving a job and make a living work. How to obtain it - is not a simple question, and this business is difficult. But possible :)