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Back To School Handmade Designed Clothes.jpg
19.08.2016. 19:43
There was a time when handmade clothing were not meant for online purchases and could be found in street shopping for local people. But with the passage of time, handmade clothes are creating quite a buzz among famous fashion designers, who are recreating such handmade clothes with trendy styles and unique designs, adding a touch of class and panache to the handmade clothes. So check out these upscale designer wear with exclusive “Back To School” fashion.
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02.08.2016. 09:43
I will not place here beautiful pictures from some stranger, seeming unreal, lives, and I will be limited to only that is able to do for myself at home.
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18.07.2016. 10:38
The other day I read comments to one of posts and got terrified: so many work from a morning to night, not seeing family, someone abandons children on a weekend with grandmothers, and go to do orders, etc. I remember myself a few years ago, when I only began to work: round the clocks I sit at the computer, all weekend I wrote down tutorials and wrote the articles, and when orders went, then I began to work yet at nights. Even being on a vacation, I continued to work.
12.06.2016. 17:20
Father’s Day is round the corner and you could make the day memorable for him by arranging some distinct gift for him and spending some quality time with the man.
01.06.2016. 14:29
From middle of winter some pause began in my work, and already hardly anymore month stayed till that moment, as I will become a mother in third time! Smiles, tears... What happiness is this oppressive expectation!
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27.05.2016. 16:04
There are very much articles on this themeIn the internet. They all are very large, finishing reading to the end, it is sometimes necessary to climb upstairs, to remember what was at the beginning)))
23.05.2016. 13:38
Special days require special celebrations and significant events like summer weddings obviously require more than that. The exceptional moments for every bride-to-be, the classy designer accessories of both the groom and the bride and the sensational wedding dress of the bride – simply cherishing memories of every wedded couple.
19.05.2016. 12:02
So it turned out that after many years of corporate life I became... an artist.
summer vacation.jpg
14.05.2016. 19:02
Summer holidays are coming! Plenty of time to enjoy something new and interesting! There is a multitude of handmade ideas that can bring a lot of positive emotions and make you stay in a creative mood and reveal happiness, energy and harmony.
07.05.2016. 11:31
For many creative people that engage in the conduct of own business a question of packing of their handiwork is very actual! We decided to share out with you a very useful information about that, why packing of your wares is so important, and how to design it better.