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What to Get Him for Valentine’s Day

07.02.2017. 00:38

Trying to pick a gift for your partner can be a literal nightmare. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and a little planning can go a long way in deciding what to get your man for Valentine’s Day. This short guide is going to help you to find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day so he will know how much he means to you.

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We are going to list the best gifts for the men in your life based on their interests. A lot of times when we are considering gifts for the men in our lives we are buying them gifts based on what we think they would like.  We often buy gifts that are sort of traditional or rushed. Like watches, for some reason we tend to buy watches for men. Watches are nice but there are so many watches that you can own. The other favorite seems to be neck ties. Again neck ties are nice but how many neck ties can you own.

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 This Valentine’s Day with a little help from us you will be able to buy a unique gift that he will just love. Show how much you care by choosing a gift that suits him well and that he will use. The goal is to give him something that will make him think of you every time he uses it AND to keep your gifts out of the back of the drawer!

 If you know your man and you know what he like’s we can help you find the best gift possible.  We searched high and low to find some great ideas for Valentine’s Day based on a specific category.

 Who is He?

 To choose the perfect gift it is important that you know what your man is interested in. Basing your gift choice on his interests NOT on romantic notions is the best way to choose a gift. Every man fits a profile, yes it sounds like we are stereotyping but typically a man will fall into one of a few categories:

 Sports enthusiast

  • Car enthusiast
  • Music enthusiast
  • Tech enthusiast
  • Cook/foodie
  • Runner/jogger/gym guy


Hands down almost 100% of all men will fall into one or more of these categories! We found great gifts for each of these categories that can help you to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  We will start with gifts for the sports enthusiast and work our way down the categories!


Sports Enthusiast

 If your guy is a big sports nut there are quite a few gifts that you can get beside the standards.  There are plenty of offerings for the sports enthusiast that will put a smile on his face and help him to always think of you when he sees the gift.

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 Look for something for his desk that is fun and sports minded. They have little desk top games and even a bobble head of his favorite player. No matter how conservative his office is there is always room for a couple of sports related items on his desk.

 Of course TICKETS to his favorite sporting event is always a really nice gift, especially if you include a card that lets him know he can take one of his buddies with him instead of you.  Of course if you are a fan as well you can forget about telling him to grab a buddy and just go with him.


Car Enthusiast

  Okay, it may not be the most romantic gift but if you can afford it something for his car will be appreciated.  Not sure what he wants for his car, that’s okay there are plenty of car themed gifts that will please your motor head.

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 A really out of the box idea is to rent him a really nice sports car for the weekend that he would not normally have access too.  It can be a little expensive but if you have the cash it would make a really exciting gift for the man in your life.

 You can buy tickets to the next car show!  There are a lot of personalized type gifts that you can purchase for your car lover.


Music Enthusiast

 If your man loves music you have quite a few choices.  You can grab an MP3 player and upload a playlist of songs that you enjoy together and that have meaning to you both. You can also buy tickets to the next concert.

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 There are plenty of “music inspired” options out there. Something nice for his desk, cufflinks or even something for his instrument kit if he plays music.

 Valentine’s Day gifts for him do not have to be deeply romantic to be appreciated.


Tech Enthusiast

 Buying gifts for a man that loves technology is super easy. There are so many things that you can buy from cute sexy downloadable apps to phones, there are so many great high tech gifts. You can buy personalized phone charging stations that have been personalized with a little message from you.

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 You can choose from a wide range of gifts that run the gamut from really cute tech stuff to high end state of the art tech stuff. The important thing when you are buying a techie a gift is to make it somehow personal, otherwise it is just more tech stuff.

 Make it personal and it will be meaningful.



 If you are lucky enough to have a man in your life that loves food AND loves to cook, you are in a great position because you will very likely benefit from any gifts that you give him.  It is perfectly acceptable to find your foodie/cook gadgets and items that he can use to cook with.

Cook Foodie.jpg

 If he does not like to cook but he just loves eating why not get him a food basket or even get him a monthly subscription to different treats.

 There are plenty of baskets that you can choose from! It is a great way to say “I love you”. Gadgets for the kitchen that are high end are not the only thing you can buy. You can buy some lovely tea towels with a sweet saying or even a small gadget that he wants or needs. It can be as simple as an apron with his initials or a cute message customized.


The Gym Guy

 Some men love to work out. They love to run, jog or just go to the gym. If you have a man that really enjoys exercise than you can easily find a great Valentine’s Day gift for him. All you have to do is look for things that he can take with him when he travels (assuming he travels on business) and that he can use to continue his pursuit of good health.

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 Some ideas include an over the door work out band system. They travel well, they are lightweight and they can help him to stay in shape while away. You can also get him a bag of goodies, like a personalized water bottle, gym bag, towel for the gym and some personal care items.

 Make your gift a bag of several little gifts! You do not have to go out and buy him the most expensive treadmill or climber to get him something he will love and remember for Valentine’s Day! Get creative. What can he use to further his pursuit of good health? It can be the accessories. It can be a gym membership; it can be just a personalized towel that he can use at the gym.

 The point is whether you have a lot to spend or a little if you look for a gift that will “speak” to him that would be the perfect gift. Remember you are buying what he would like not what decorum dictates. People get far too hung up on the romance of Valentine’s Day when the reality is a gift that is appreciated is very romantic. If he loves what you get him that for him will make it a special day!

 The real meaning of Valentine’s Day is to make the man in your life feel special. You want him to know that he is the only man for you and that you want him to love the gift that you gave him. It is the thought the counts but not if the thought does not reflect that you understand him and know who he is.

 A well thought out gift that feeds his interests is far better than a fluffy bear that will be propped up in his closet!  If you want to win your man over get him a gift that will fuel his passion!


For Adults Only

 Lingerie for you is an excellent gift for him. Buy something sexy, add a bow around your neck and present yourself as his gift!  It’s a fun little way to get the man “who has everything” something special for Valentine’s Day. Of course you should also get a pair of crystal flutes (maybe engraved) and some good champagne! 

Handmade gifts for him it is great idea!

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