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What to Get Your Wife for Valentine’s Day

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You love your wife and you want to make sure that you show it on Valentine’s Day. If you are wondering what to get your wife for Valentine’s Day you are in good company, studies have shown that many men wait until the day of to buy their wife’s gifts! Florists that have been surveyed said that 80% of their Valentine’s Day orders come in on Valentine’s Day!

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It can be tempting to settle for the same old flowers and candy but it is not really the most exciting choice. As a matter of fact, one thing comes to mind when you say flowers and candy! BORING.

You want to give your wife something that she will love and something that will show her how much you love her.  Valentine’s Day is after all THE day for lovers.  The pressure to find the perfect gift can be tremendous to deal with and can lead you to just grab anything.

A lot of husbands, partners and lovers make the mistake of dragging their feet, not planning and just settling for a box of chocolates as a gift.  This is a common error. Your wife may seem like she is concerned about how much you spend onher gift but the reality is she far more interested in how much thought you have put into her gift/s.

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When you buy your wife a gift it really is the thought that counts, it expresses where she fits into your life. We all have busy lives, so taking the time to really give some thought to a gift sends the signal that she is number one in your life.

The goal when you are wondering what to get your wife for Valentine’s Day is to choose something that will matter to her. Choose a gift that she will remember. It does not have to be the most expensive gift for her, you would be surprised how much even a home-made gift can make a very good impression.  The gift has to be something that you put some thought into to really have some impact.

We are going to make you the best gift giver ever!

The Keys to Figuring Out What to Buy Your Wife for Valentine’s Day

There are several key components to choosing just the right gift. When you are buying Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife if you can keep in mind these key components you will be able to really make her feel special on Valentine’s Day.

Here are the key components to giving great gifts:

  • Plan Ahead
  • Remember just because you love it does mean that she will
  • Treat her like you may lose her
  • Make the gift something she will remember

Proper planning goes a long way in figuring out what to buy for your wife for Valentine’s Day. One of the quickest ways to NOT find the right gift is to wait until the last minute. A little pre planning will go a long way in ensuring that you will have enough time to get the perfect gift.  Finding the perfect gift is not going to happen in 24 hours. 

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You have to give yourself a little bit of time so that you can take your time to review your options. One of the reasons men do not necessarily choose the best gifts is because they wait until the last minute and are forced to just buy anything to have something! 

Schedule in your shopping, put it on your calendar. Even if you can only block out an hour a day to browse the web for a couple of days it will be an ample amount of time to find a great gift for your wife.

We all make the mistake of thinking “wow I would really love that” so we buy it for someone else. Unless you and your wife share the same hobbies and interests you do not want to just go under the assumption that if you love it so will she.  If she does have the same interests than you are really in luck because you can find something that you would love to have and buy it for her!

We all take people for granted and unfortunately many times husbands take their wives for granted. We all get caught up in life and the whirlwind that it can be however, Valentine’s Day should be looked at as an opportunity to redeem yourself and show her that she will always be your “girl” no matter how many years you have been married. Treat her this Valentine’s Day like you may lose her. Ask yourself, what would I do without her?

What Does She Love?

Besides you, what does your wife love? Is she a big fan of fashion? Is she sentimental? Is she a beauty addict? Does she craft? All of these little things about her are going to help you to find the best possible gift.

Here are some examples:

  • A fashionista always appreciates high style, but if your style is not quite “high” you would do well with a gift card to her favorite shop. Gift cards may seem a little impartial but if you have been married long enough and you know that she loves a particular shop, the gift card would be appreciated. Of course it is Valentine’s Day so you would do well to also grab a little gift likea  stuffed animal to present the gift card with.
  • Is she a lady that loves keepsakes? Does she moon over your wedding pictures still? If she does and you have followed rule number one and given yourself enough time there are a couple of great gift options. Have a favorite photo of the two of you blown up and professionally framed. Get a scrap book and start it off for her. It is time consuming but really one of the sweetest things you can do for your wife.
  • Spa gifts for at home use are a great idea for the beauty addict. Of course if you are willing to have a facial done with her that only sweetens the pot.
  • If she is crafty or she sews buy her supplies and put them in a gift bag, of course add some candy to the bag because it is Valentine’s Day.


Some Other Tips

If you choose to give her a gift card to her favorite shop, spend a little time shopping with her, even if the shop is online, sit with her while she shops.  If you opt for something sentimental make a big deal out of the presentation. Send her on a little scavenger hunt around the house to find her gift leaving little token gifts along the way. Buy the spa facial at home gifts and spend a little time getting beautiful with her.

If she is crafty and you opt for the bag of supplies talk to her about how talented you think she is. These may sound like silly things to do but they are the things that make the gift special. There is nothing more special than your time and support.

The gift is very important but so is the presentation, making a big deal even out of the smallest gift will make the day all the more special.

When You Are Really Broke

If you really just cannot get enough money together to make a purchase, it is time to get the scissors and glue out! You can make a coupon book and give her a gift that she can redeem throughout the year. Make coupons for things like “a night on the town” or “a massage” or “an at home pedicure”. Use your imagination!

Printing out a few photos and adding some endearing captions costs next to nothing. Purchase a frame (also for next to nothing) and try your hand at framing your photos. Your handy work whether it is pristine or not will be marveled at.

When You have the Extra Cash

There is one word that you should always remember when you are wondering what to buy your wife for Valentine’s Day –jewelry! Even if your wife is not crazy over jewelry every woman still likes to have a few good pieces of jewelry that were given to her by someone she loves.

Yin Yang Jewelry.jpgRock crystal Quartz wolf necklace, Ice Queen necklace with raw crystal icicles, frozen winter fairy jewelry, pagan Skadi Goddess jewelry, strega witch necklace.jpg

A locket, an anniversary band, diamond earrings, diamond tennis bracelet, if she is down to earth and loves handmade you can find unique pieces of handmade one a kind jewelry.  Jewelry is always an appreciated gift BUT it has to be a personal piece of jewelry, if your wife is not crazy about flashy jewelry and you buy it anyway it sort of kills the idea of a personal gift.

A piece of jewelry that has been engraved with a date that is special to both you and her even it if is a small piece will mean more than a large piece that has no meaning to her. Think with your heart and you won’t go wrong. 


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