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Very Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

06.02.2017. 18:55

Men are very hard to buy gifts for. It seems like they would be so much easier to buy for then women but they are not.

If you ask a man what he wants for Valentine’s Day you will get one of two answers:

  • Nothing
  • Whatever you want to get me

Neither answer is helpful.  Finding very cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him is a challenge but it is possible. There are plenty of cute gifts that you can choose from but you have to think outside of the box.  Most men do not really appreciate traditional stuffed animals but they get a kick out of a stuffed “alien” or a stuffed “zombie”.

Take a cue from pop culture.  Zombies are everywhere in pop culture, most men are watching something on the television that have to do with Zombies.  A stuffed zombie is a really cute idea for Valentine’s Day for him!

Try to find something here:


Is he a fan of Star Trek? Most men are! You can buy trek inspired items that you can add a little note too like a Star Trek coffee mug with a note tied on that reads “live long with me and prosper” (a little nod to Mr. Spock). There are plenty of Trekkie inspired gifts that you can personalize just for him that he will find very endearing.

Doctor Who Theme Leather Bow Tie Pink Real Leather Bowtie Necktie Chain Unique OOAK Groom Bow Tie Man Men Lady Dickie Bow Gift BowTie4You.jpg


Gamers take their games seriously but there are still some cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him that you can manage for a gamer. Of course the gift would include the latest release of his favorite game.  Put a gift bag together that includes the game, some super cute socks so he can be comfortable while he plays and maybe a water bottle so he can stay hydrated during those marathon sessions.


Does he enjoy a beer after work? Than get him a cute Beer Stein or pilsner glass that has his monogram on it.  A personalized bar set. Personalized coasters are cute.  There are bottles of wine that you can have specialty labels made for but you need some advance ordering time or you can create your own labels for his favorite wine and just cover up the labels that are already on the bottle.

Book small bar (genuine leather).jpgBook small bar (genuine leather)1.jpg

Present the bottle of wine with a stuffed animal (or alien if he is more of an alien guy than an animal guy). Beer drinkers would appreciate a six pack of their favorite beer with a little something extra added like a great pilsner glass that is personalized with his name.


Does he like to read? A book that he wants, a comfy throw blanket and a book light make an excellent gift basket. The cute part comes in with the note that you will include that will let him know that you want him to enjoy his book and relax.  You can also write a note inside the book proclaiming your love.


You can find super cute pajama’s and pair them up with a pair of animal shaped slippers to create a really cute gift.  You can give him the gift of comfort!  There are plenty of different pajamas to choose from so you will not be at a loss for options.  You can opt for fleece, silk or cotton full sets or just bottoms and a t shirt.

Coffee Drinker and Star Wars Fan?

Purchase one of the many Star Wars themed coffee mugs that are out there and fill it with candy! You can also fill it with his favorite coffee beans.  There are also some cute his and her mugs out there that would be a nice gift, especially if you filled it with his favorite candy.

1 Million I love You’s

There is a book called “1 Millions I love You’s” because that is all it has in the book the phrase “I love you” 1 million times. It is a really cute way to let him know how you feel. You can find the book in any book store on or off line.

Combs light rosewood inlaid with mother of pearl.jpg

Instagram Photo Album

Gather up your favorite photos of you two together from his Instagram account, print them out and put them in a cute heart inspired phot album.  You can take one photo from each month if you have been together for a year. If your time together has been shorter, then use his travel photos from the year or photos from other special events throughout the year.

Old School Games

Board games never go out of style. If he enjoys old school type games like monopoly or scrabble, why not put together a gift basket with a couple of different games. Pick one big board game like twister and then add some smaller games.  Playing cards can go in the basket. If he likes to play poker with his buddies add some chips or you can go with a poker set.

Add a playful note letting him know you are ready to “play” whenever he is.

A Book of Memories

Create a scrap book of memories.  You can include a map with little sticker hearts marking important places like where you met and other places that are important to you both. Ticket stubs, pictures, invitations and other mementos can go in the scrap book.

Flowers and Candy

Get him flowers and candy! It is not very original but it is unexpected to buy flowers and candy for him. It will put a smile right on his face as he marvels at how thoughtful you are. It is easy but a cute idea.  Turn the tables a bit and purchase some roses and a box of chocolates!

Pamper Him

He needs to be pampered too! Buy him all the items that he needs to be pampered like spa facial products, foot care products and manly body moisturizer.  Of course as part of the package you have to be willing to give him the facial, pedicure and rub on the moisturizer. It is a cute way to take care of him and make him feel loved.

Bake for Him

Use a cake mold to bake his favorite treat. Of course if you are not sure what his favorite treat is yet go with the standard vanilla cake and use food coloring to color some butter cream frosting. You can wrap it up in pink cellophane!

A bouquet of cake pops would also be a really cute gift. 

Something for His Desk

Mens Gift, Gifts For Him, Fathers Day Gift, Boyfriend Gift Docking Station, Phone Charging Station, Cellphone Dock.jpgAccessory Tray.jpg


You can buy him a little table top game for his desk at work so he has something to do during down time and can think of you while he does it. There are some cue game options like finger football or finger hockey that will keep him amused.

Inside every man there is a little boy and giving him cute toys for Valentine’s Day gives a nod to his inner boy. It is a fun way to show you care.

City Guide

There are hidden treasures in every city that most people that live there are unaware of. Take him on an adventure. Get a local “city guide” map grab some heart stickers and get to work planning out the day trip in your own city!

Use a red marker to draw your routes and use the heart stickers to indicate each place you will visit on your day trip.  You can include a fun hat, gloves and a scarf so that the winter chill stays at bay while you walk around your city.  Create a handmade invite (travel themed of course) to the “travel date”. You can even go one step further, if your city is large enough, and buy a “city pass” to the attractions in your city!

Date Night Lottery

How many times does an argument ensue when it is time to figure out where to eat or where to go on a night out? If you are like most couples there are probably some heated discussions about what to do on a night out. Take the guesswork out of date night with this easy to ready cute Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Get a small glass fish bowl. Cut strips of card stock wide enough to write on. Decorate the card stock strips with little sticker hearts. One each card stock write down something to do on date night. Choose ½ of what he likes and ½ of what you like.  Place the card stock picks in the fish bowl!

You can add a heart inspired ribbon to the neck of the fish bowl and even create a label for the fish bowl that states something like “date night picks”.  Buy or make him a card with an explanation that he gets to make the picks for date night and the rules are that whenever he makes a pick you have to follow through.

Throw in some sexy stay at home date night picks as well to spice things up a little bit.

There are plenty of very cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him you just have to think outside the Valentine’s Day box! 


by estrina kaas

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