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What to Get Her for Valentine’s Day

06.02.2017. 17:44

Are you worried about what to get her for Valentine’s Day? Do you want to do something a little bigger than just candy and flowers but not quite as big as popping the question? There is a happy medium that you do not have to pay a fortune for.

No matter what your budget is we have great gift ideas for her to let her know how much you care on Valentine’s Day. A special reminder of your love for her on Valentine’s Day does not have to show up in the form of unwanted calories or flowers that will die in a few days.

 There are plenty of great options that will really WOW her, you just need to know where to get started and a little push in the right direction.


Just Say NO to Candy

 Candy and other sweets are a lovely gesture but if your girl is on a diet then they will wind up in the trash bin or worse yet you may be accused of sabotaging her diet!  Candy goes quickly, once it is eaten it is forgotten.

 It is a nice gesture to show up with a box of chocolates but it is not a very unique gift and likely will not really be remembered.  Of course candy presented in the right way will take on different meaning. You can buy candy but you should also have something to go along with it.

 Just Say NO to Flowers

 Flowers do not last. They are lovely but they fade quickly. They will be gone before they are ever really appreciated.  Flowers are expensive, especially at Valentine’s Day and they do not last very long.  They also will be forgotten rather quickly.

 They are sort of a temporary gift that is not really tangible for any length of time so if you are set on giving flowers be sure that they are a part of a gift, instead of the whole gift!

Not for this!

Only Valentine's Day price reduced Flowers Beaded Orchid Azure.jpg

 What to Get Her for Valentine’s Day

 One of the best things you can get her for Valentine’s Day is something that she would not buy for herself because it may seem to frivolous to her. There are gifts that any woman would love that they never even realized that they would love.

 Focus on her hobbies or what she enjoys doing. Does she love art? Does she love books? Music? You can select a gift from one of those genres then personalize it. For example, if you have the money buying a first edition of her favorite book is a lovely way to let her know that you are paying attention to what she loves.

 Too broke for a first edition? That’s okay find a copy of a great book and write a personal note inside. Buy used poetry books and highlight the ones that apply to her and inscribe a note on the inside of the cover that comes from the heart!

 If she is a music lover, tickets to her favorite band, a mixed CD (that you mixed) or a collection of her favorite music that you have purchased are all nice gestures that will be greatly appreciated because you are noticing what she loves. You can make something like this:

Bracelet Music.jpg

If she loves art find an affordable (up and coming artist) that offers inexpensive pieces. You never know that up and coming artist may pan out to be a world renowned artist someday and your small investment may grow by leaps and bounds. Ultimately if it puts a smile on her face than you have already gotten a return on your investment.

 Maybe there is something that she loved doing before life got in the way like painting, crafting or sewing. Buy her supplies to reignite her love, it will touch her heart to know that you care about what makes her happy.

 Fill up a really nice vase with candy and add one long stem rose.  Look for a hand carved box that can double as a jewelry box and fill it with little trinkets like a lovely hair comb or some other little baubles. 

 Board kitchen,a box of biscuits in country style.jpg

Give her the flowers if you like but add a personal touch by tying a nice scarf around the vase that she can use once the flowers are gone. Or present the flowers in a really nice vase that she will want to use after the flowers are gone.

 Less Romantic

 Maybe you are looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day for a girl that you do not know that well so you want to present a gift but take it down a notch or two from what has been recommended so far there are some other options that are meaningful but not quite as personal.

 If you are a new couple and you want to acknowledge the day without going to overboard, avoid anything that has an “I love you” theme. Choose a gift that will express your interest without doling out the I love youwhich many not be appropriate.

 A sweet stuffed bear with a little “be mine” heart is a great idea. If you have one, frame a recent photo with a snappy caption about “looking forward to things to come” or some other catchy caption to let her know that the future is looking bright.

 Coffee Wall Clocks Love.jpg

There are a lot of cute ideas online like matching coffee cups if you often go out for coffee, or barware if you have had a few drinks together. The most important thing to do is NOT miss this chance to impress a new girl. Even if you have only been out a few times leading up to Valentine’s Day you want to acknowledge that she is important to you or she may assume that she is not important enough to you to warrant the attention.  That can be risky business if you want to see her again.

 Remember this is the time to wine and dine that new potential love so put your best foot forward and think outside the box to make this (which may be your first of many Valentine’s Days together) special!

 For the Sweet Younger Girl in Your Life

 Little ladies need gifts for Valentine’s Day as well.  For the little girls in your life you want to make them feel special too. For the young ladies there is nothing better than sweets!  It is fine to buy a box of chocolates in a heart for the little girls in your life. They will love it!  You can also go with a little stuffed animal instead if sweets are an issue.

 If you have a niece or a daughter showing them how important they are too you on Valentine’s Day is a really sweet gesture that will be remembered fondly, so don’t forget them!

 Completely Un-personal

 What if you have a lady that you want to recognize for Valentine’s Day because you are interested but you are not in a relationship? There are some great ways to give her a Valentine’s Day gift. If you have a girl that you are interested in and would like an opportunity to move forward, take a leap of faith and buy a couple of tickets to a local movie and tuck them in a sweet card!

 If you cannot get up the nerve to be forward enough to hand off the tickets with a card and a note asking her out than you can buy a gift that speaks to what she does or how you know her. For example, if it is a lady you see in the coffee shop every day, buy her a cute coffee mug. If it is a girl that you see in the library than buy her a book that you love and write a note saying how you hope she enjoys the book as much as you did.

 There are plenty of ways to be a stand out Valentine, you just have to be creative and put in a little effort. There are two rules that will work with almost every girl: 

  • Personalized is always best!
  • The more thought the better!

 If you can give her a gift that speaks to her personality you cannot go wrong. All you have to do is take a minute to think about the things she talks about. Even a subscription to her favorite magazine presented with candy and flowers is an easy thing that you can do that will show her that you are paying attention.

 The more effort you put into finding the right gift the more it will be appreciated. One of a kind gifts that are handmade are always a big hit not because of the gift but because of the amount of effort you put into finding a special gift that she will love.

 The amount of thought that you put into the gift is what really counts whether you are buying Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife, girlfriend, lover or someone you are interested in.  Valentine’s Day only comes once a year and it is the holiday for expressing your love! Express it the right way and make your gifts really count. 

 Some ideas here:

Hand-knitted Raspberry Tea Cosy in pure wool by Tafferty Designs.jpgearrings.jpg

 by estrina kaas

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