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How to give a second life to your furniture

13.09.2016. 18:14

Sometimes we have a choice, either we need to throw away some piece of furniture or maybe it`s our chance to make something creative and unusual.

I had one strong but not good looking table. Few days I`ve been thinking what to do with it. And finally I decided to give it a new life. This is a result that I had (and have now of course) at the end.
The process was not hard. But anyway, you’ll need patience because it takes time. In my case, it took approximately one week.

How to give a second life to your furniture9.jpg

From my previous experience, I knew that if a paper is used with enough quantity of PVA glue then the final construction would be as strong as wood.

 How to give a second life to your furniture2.jpg

I had an idea to cover legs of the table with something like a rope. But where I can take a paper rope? I decided to make it by myself. I took 4 toilet rolls (it`s very important to use rolls without perforation holes) and first twisted each of them so that they looked like a clew. There were 4 very big “clews”. Then I twisted two “threads” of two “clews”. It was the most boring and the hardest stage in all processes. Thus if you have a possibility to buy paper rope just do it J A cotton rope I think can be an alternative.

 How to give a second life to your furniture3.jpg

 On the second stage, I’ve used a lot of PVA to glue my “rope” on the table legs and painted it with black acrylic paint. There are few secrets here:

  • It`s better to cover your table with paint before fixing “rope” with glue. This will help you in future when you will paint the legs with “rope”

  • The second secret is to start with the top part of a leg. Glue the “rope” and leave it to dry. It’s more convenient to work when the end of a “rope” is fixed.

  • Use PVA mixed 50/50 with water and add in this mixture your black paint. It will dry a bit longer but you’ll have almost painted table legs at once.

  • Give time for table legs to dry. In my case, one night for two legs was enough. The next day I did my magic with the rest two.

 How to give a second life to your furniture4.jpg

How to give a second life to your furniture5.jpg

How to give a second life to your furniture6.jpg

How to give a second life to your furniture7.jpg

The most wonderful part is to paint on the table with acrylic paints. These paints are drying very quickly and you will receive your masterpiece within a few hours. You can use a pen to make a sketch. Then cover your sketch with neutral color. Then make a background of your picture and voila! Just paint on it what you want. In my case, the picture is not very professional. That time I just started to learn drawing. But you can do this better!

How to give a second life to your furniture1.jpg

When the painting is done, take a sponge and silver paint to cover surfaces of your table except for the top of the table of course. It will look like old silver and maybe an antique piece of art. So pity that the photo can’t show how it’s in real life to protect your work cover the table with acrylic varnish. I made 4 layers. Read the instructions of your varnish before using to be sure in all process.

How to give a second life to your furniture8.jpg

When everything will be finished breathes deeply and be proud of yourself!

Hope you’ll enjoy using your new table like I do.


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Yours Julia Moshack

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