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6 Things That I Try Not To Do

12.09.2016. 15:49

I welcome you everyone! Here again I decide to share with you my experience, and while before I was telling you what and how I do, then in this article I want to talk just about what I try to avoid.

There is a great number of doing things which are not needed, and we, including me as usual, however do that... and the fact that we do them, often prevents us to attain success, well or at least, simply prevents!

I produced these rules for myself, if they will become useful for someone, I will be very satisfied, and if someone has their considerations on this occasion, please, divide them with us, let us interchange experience.

1. To write/to plan the unreal for an implementation lists of businesses on a day, week, month etc.

Such was before for me - I will write a whole enormous list in the gust of passion, and by the end of day I realize that for a half of them I do not have time at all, and not because was lazy (though it happens at times is reason...) and because forces did not had. Now I try to plan the modest amount of businesses through and I try to execute them all fully.

 to plan the unreal for an implementation lists of businesses on a day.jpg

2. To do businesses, not dividing them into important/not important.

I try to divide businesses into important and not and most important. I do it while my head is yet fresh, in the early morning. And after dinner, when there is already some sense of tiredness, it is possible to begin less important businesses, for example to prepare purveyances for the next day.

3. Doing everything ideal.

On this idea I was pushed by my friend, who said once, that aspirations interfere with always doing everything ideal. As it appears, to do everything ideal is not necessary! Certainly, it is necessary clearly to present, what businesses you can take the liberty of to do unideal. For example, if you are very high-usage work or have a rush order, it is possible to simplify some domestic businesses: unideal iron the linen, do the not ideal cleaning up, and it is simple to place things into the places, to wash the floor not everywhere, but the only muddiest areas, not to prepare a supper, and to order pizza...! In fact except us, at times nobody will not see any difference, and we will have free time for an ideal implementation of other businesses.

 Doing everything ideal.jpg

4. To do everything independent, because nobody will do it better than me.

But there are businesses that really can be passed to the other, for example, I ask a husband to execute some domestic businesses or drive to the artistic shop and buy everything, that I need, strict on a list or to send the prepared orders to the customers etc. He is a fine fellow, always consenting.

5. To accept new.

Try to take and do that thing you have never done before and suddenly it will please you. For example, I had such ideas: "it is not for me", “I do not write the article", "I do not conduct auctions", "I do not participate in exhibitions", “it is not my" etc. Maybe, you have some stereotypes regarding yourself too. You need to simply try!!!

6. To not deprive yourself a rest.

All of us know it. I did not want to be banal, but nevertheless decided once again to write about it. Yes, having rest is necessary, so one should really must rest.

 Tonot deprive yourself a rest.jpg

So that’s all, I want to have some rest now.

I wish pleasant work and creative success to all!!!


by Estrina Kaas

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