Wooden comb from Bog Oak 5400 years old. For courting beard, a good gift for men, women, father, mother, sister, brother, colleague.

Price: € 43.00
Shipping From: Russia
Handling Time: 1-3 business days
Shipping Cost: 11.00 + € 6.00 for every next item

The unique quality of a comb in a case of historic bog oak age approximately 5400 years (a certificate). The product is made with high quality manufacturing comb part, which is made entirely by milling high-precision equipment. In the section of the tooth profile has the shape of a rhombus, which greatly improves the ease of combing even matted, long and curly hair. Traditionally, the case is made using a proprietary magnetic latch, reliably protecting the product from damage. It is also traditionally used only natural in the finishing operations, environmentally friendly material - flax seed oil. Comb solid, original and inexpensive (for this type of high-quality products) present for any occasion.