Handmade Turkish Coffee Pot Ceramic Cezve Pottery Clay Pottery

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Handmade turkish coffee pot made from clay.

Would you like to enjoy the real coffee? You only need coffee, water and this ceramic coffee pot. It makes delicious coffee and you'll never go back to normal brewing coffee.

The clay Turk, you get a real fragrant noble drink!

The Turk fully heated throughout the volume (and not just the bottom, as in metal) - better extracted essential oils, coffee flavor becomes deeper.

The clay ceramic gradually accumulates a flavor of that time and again improves the taste of the prepared beverage. Turku can be used on any stove (except induction), without divider. Absolutely environmentally friendly - no glaze, only clay and milk.

Ecologically clean pottery created by an old technology. The undeniable advantage of this tableware is eco-friendness, ethnicity and practicality. Purpose of pottery - a convenient utensils for a daily use.

Avaible capacity:

500ml (17oz)


Handwash only, preferably with soda.

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