Clay Teapot Kit

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The Handmade Clay Teapot Kit.

Handle large and comfortable, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Texture decoration plate surface give you a comfortable and pleasant at every touch!

Suitable for both cold and hot drinks.

Not afraid of the microwave.

Nielloed utensils of clay looks like a cast iron or steel. In fact it is burned in sooting flame without oxygen and rubbed gloss pottery. As a result of chemical processes in a special oven red clay becomes black and chic metallic luster.

If the tea break, you can see that the black color is through the whole crock, because it is not bloated, and completely change their chemical properties of clay.

From this cookware it is recommended to eat and drink! It is very good for health. Quality is almost equal to its glazed ceramics.

There is 4 items:

- sugar bowl (1)

- cup + saucer (2 pairs)

- teapot (1)

Dimensions :

A cup. Height 8cm, diameter 7.5 cm top, base - 7cm.

Saucer. Diameter 14cm.

Teapot. Height 9/12 cm (without cover / with cover), the diameter of the top / bottom of the 8 / 7.5 cm.

Sugar Bowl. Height 10 / 13cm (without cover / with cover), the diameter of the top / bottom of the 8 / 7.5 cm.

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